[Latest 2024] GSEB Class 10 Cut Syllabus Blueprint + Sample Papers PDF


GSEB Class 10 Latest 2024 Blueprint – From this article, students can download the GSEB Standard 10th SSC Latest 2023-24 Official Board Blueprint PDF released by the Gujarat board for all subjects for both Gujarati and English Medium.

GSEB Gujarat Board has officially released the blueprints of standard 10. Students can download their subject blueprint from the below table.

GSEB Class 10 Blueprint PDF

No.Class 10 Blueprints (Latest 2023-24)Download
1.Class 10 Maths Basic Blueprint PDF
2.Class 10 Maths Standard Blueprint PDF
3.Class 10 Science Blueprint PDF
4.Class 10 English (FL) Blueprint PDF
5.Class 10 Hindi (FL) Blueprint PDF
6.Class 10 Urdu (FL) Blueprint PDF

Understanding the Blueprint: The GSEB Standard 10 all subjects blueprints will provide valuable information, including the chapter-wise weightage of marks, the types of questions (such as multiple-choice, short-answer, and long-answer questions), and the allotted marks for each section. This information will help you allocate your study time wisely and focus on high-weightage topics.

Plan Your Study Strategy: With the Gujarat board Class 10th (Also known as SSC) blueprint in hand, you can now plan your study strategy effectively. Prioritize the topics with higher marks weightage while ensuring you cover all areas of the syllabus.

Utilize Additional Resources: Alongside the STD 10 blueprint, GSEB often provides sample papers, previous year question papers, and other resources. These materials can further aid your preparation.


In conclusion, downloading the GSEB Class 10 SSC blueprint is a crucial step in preparing for the exams effectively. It empowers students with insights into the exam’s structure and weightage, allowing them to tailor their study approach for better results. By following the simple steps outlined above, students can access the blueprint from the GSEB Material website and embark on a well-structured study journey.

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